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​At Tierra Homes, we are committed to delivering homes of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. To ensure your peace of mind, we offer the following warranties for our new home construction:

  • One-Year Workmanship and Materials Warranty: For a period of one year from your move-in date, the workmanship and materials of your home will be free from construction defects.

  • Two-Year Systems Warranty: For a period of two years, the plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning delivery systems in your home will be free from construction defects.

  • 6-Year Major Structural Warranty: For a period of six years, the major structural components of your home will be guaranteed against construction defects.

Please note, this is a high-level summary of the express warranties typically offered by Tierra Homes to our new home construction clients. It is intended for convenience and general informational purposes only. For specific terms and conditions of the warranties available, clients should refer to their signed agreement with Tierra Homes, which includes all representations and express warranties provided by us.

In addition to these warranties, we also offer ongoing maintenance services for existing homeowners to ensure your home continues to meet the high standards of quality and comfort you expect from Tierra Homes.


This submission form is for warranty items and is not to be confused with items included in your “Final Completion List.” If you feel that any of those items have not been completed in a timely manner, please contact Frankel management.

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